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Incorporated in 1987, Santa Clarita is the 24th largest city in California.  It is part of the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, which in the broadest sense, has a population of nearly 18 million people. Santa Clarita lies in the southern part of the state, 22 miles north of Los Angeles. The Pacific Ocean is 27 miles away.

Welcome to our online cheap traffic school that is accepted in Santa Clarita (DMV License # E1896). You can rest assured that you will get the best traffic school service as we have vast experience when it comes to dismissing Santa Clarita tickets.  We have been around for many years and our students have been satisfied with all aspects of our affordable traffic school services! Please check their comments in the Testimonial section of our website.

If you select our virtual traffic school as your ticket toaster, everything will be done online.  Just click the Sign up link and follow the easy steps to register.  Once your create an account with our instant traffic school,  the entire CA DMV traffic school course of ours will be explained to you. Feel free to register with our painfree traffic school course and try it for free.  There is no obligation to see how simple fast fun our course is.  We will process your certificate of completion directly to the court and DMV for you, saving you time. 

Our effortless traffic school program is broken down into 11 chapters. You can start and stop whenever you want and our secure website will remember where you left off.  In addition, the course can be accessed from any computer at any time of the day or night.  You do not need to sit in front of your computer for hours as it does not have to be completed in one sitting.  In other words, you move through this stressless traffic school course of ours at your own pace.  There are no timers of any kind so you will be under no pressure. Contact us via live chat or phone for more details!

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