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Stay Safe and Sound While Driving at Night

Let's admit it: not many people truly enjoy driving at night. Even the more experienced drivers find night driving quite difficult, in many cases, eye-straining. Due to special circumstances and conditions, the driver must be extremely vigilant once he gets behind the wheel so that he wouldn't bring into danger neither himself nor the other traffic participants.  That's why we have decided to single out a couple of pieces of advice that will make driving at night safer.

1. The following tips should be applied prior starting the engine:

  • Make sure that both your windshield and headlights are clean - having a clear vision and the illuminated road in front of you is critical in such situations. Also, adjust all the mirrors and angle the headlights, if needed.
  • Once you get in the car, adjust your seat and buckle up, as usual.

2. Your night ride will be smoother if you apply the following:

  • Even though the road may seem desolate at night, do not speed. Be aware of the fact that almost 50% of all fatal accidents occur after dark.
  • If the oncoming car blinds you with its high beams, do not look directly at them but divert your gaze to the white line on the right side of the road. On the other hand, don't be a high-beam user yourself - show by your own example that you follow the good driving etiquette and turn your high beams whenever a car approaches you in order not to hurt the eyes of other drivers.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol as well as taking medications before you drive at night - these actions can affect your judgment and impair your driving ability.
  • Having a companion while driving at night would be an ideal solution as you would have someone to talk to, which would eventually prevent you from falling asleep. Or, at least, you would have someone with whom you could take turns driving.
  • Sipping coffee or some other caffeine products while driving can help you stay alert so make sure to prepare a travel coffee mug prior to going for a night drive.

These tips are not meant only for new or less experienced drivers but also for all those who want to make night driving a less cumbersome experience. Stay safe behind the wheel even after dark!




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