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Vacaville Court Traffic School

If you received your ticket in Vacaville – Elmira / Allendale, Rosemont Ct / Vine St, Bucktown, Ulatis Dr / Nut Tree Rd, or anywhere else in this city located in Solano County – our DMV licensed traffic school online can help you keep your driving record clean. The process of ticket dismissal is fast and easy: first, make sure all the fees are settled (both your ticket and the additional court fee); then, create an account with our safe way traffic school. Once you do that, you will have access to the easiest traffic school course in Vacaville.

Our effortless traffic school course can be completed at your leisure – there are no timers whatsoever so you can set your own pace. There is no pressure set upon you to take it in one sitting, although you can if you want. If you prefer studying over a couple of days or weeks, feel free to do so. Every time you log in, you will be able to resume where you left off as your progress will be saved.

After you pass our online traffic school test, you are done! We send your certificate electronically to the CA DMV and court on your behalf. Your paperwork will be processed within 72 hours, but we also offer the express service traffic school plan if your certificate due date is very close. This plan includes the same day processing, a hard copy of your certificate as well as a notification once the court views and closes your case.

We are happy that we are recommended by our ex Vacaville students whom we helped clear their traffic ticket. If you wish to learn more about their experience with our 7 days traffic school, feel free to visit our Testimonial section. For more information on all the services, conditions and policy of our instant traffic school, do not hesitate to contact our polite and professional customer support staff at any time of the day or night.

Solano County Traffic Court

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