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See what our customers have to say about us. We only want you to know the truth, so we post all our comments. These are all real comments from our real students.

"This course was well done."
Sandra D. - Stanislaus , California

"I have learn a lot on this test "
Maribel C. - San Joaquin , California

"Great class and easy to follow."
Melissa J. - Santa Clara , California

Todd T. - Santa Barbara , California

"thank you"
Inho S. - Los Angeles, California

"This school was great I learned a lot "
Jose P. - Sonoma, California

"Thank you! Can I please get a confirmation number or email regarding the completion of my course? Thank you again!"
Christina C. - El Dorado, California

"nice traffic school"
Olesya P. - Sacramento , California

"Thank you"
Arlene T. - Los Angeles, California

"This was cool."
Roberto C. - Orange , California

Luis A. - San Bernardino , California

"Love this website"
Roberto V. - San Diego , California

"Very entertaining and well-written (except for a few minor typos!). Great job!"
Kathe G. - San Diego , California

"It was nice to be able to do this online. Time consuming."
Virginia C. - Marin , California

Manuel V. - Riverside , California

"great course!"
Maximillian L. - Alameda, California

"This was an excellent course I actually learned some great information and some good tools for driving. Totally painless and I actually enjoyed it. Thank you"
Andrea W. - Fresno, California

Blair T. - Los Angeles, California

"Thank You."
Nancy R. - San Francisco , California

"I did simply notice a few words spelled incorrectly. (E.G., "there" instead of "their.")"
Martha R. - San Luis Obispo , California

"Great course! simple and easy to navigate."
Leonard F. - Santa Clara , California

"it was easy thanks"
Kristen A. - Sacramento , California

"I loved this course!"
William G. - Contra Costa, California

"Very pleased with this course, hopefully won't need to use it again but if so I will definitely use In and Out again as well as refer others to you school."
Steven H. - San Bernardino , California

"Thank you "
Kevin G. - Contra Costa, California

"I'm a Spanish-speaking driver and would recommend them to offer the course in Spanish language, thanks...."
Enrique S. - San Joaquin , California

"Great course! Very easy to navigate site. "
Rishelle S. - Ventura , California

Gurpreet K. - Shasta , California

"Very good school."
Jose C. - San Diego , California

"Thank you for make this traffic school possible to be done online. I have been use it for mora than 8 years."
Ricardo C. - Los Angeles, California

"Very good. Thank you."
Hao W. - San Mateo, California

"This was highly informative, and the class was well perceived."
Marque F. - Los Angeles, California

Arturo S. - Orange , California

"Good course and easy to follow"
Edgar V. - Ventura , California

"Very informative. I'm a better driver for it"
Vincent V. - San Luis Obispo , California

"It was very interesting to follow the traffic rules and reading them before the final exam.I lern't a lot of my mistakes. thanks to (In and Out traffic school). I, will always reccomend to my friends . thank you. "
Kristoguge F. - Los Angeles, California

"Informative, engagingly written, and flowed well. Best internet traffic school I've seen."
Randall S. - Santa Clara , California

Wendy N. - Los Angeles, California

"Appreciate this course material. I learned many things that have changed since I was 16-17 when I originally took my drivers test, now 62. You will send this along to the DMV, is that correct?"
Fay H. - San Joaquin , California

"It was a good refresher for me."
Amelia C. - Orange , California

"Easy instructions, effective way to learn. Great job."
John paul M. - Los Angeles, California

"I've used In and Out Traffic School in the past and I'm glad to see there has been improvement. I didn't have a problem with it in the passed but the improvements make it easier to use. I'm very satisfied with it. "
Jerome D. - Contra Costa, California

"Easy and fast! "
Christina J. - Los Angeles, California

"This was a great refresher course! Easy to use."
Darryl P. - Kern, California

"Great course! Thank you."
Nicolette M. - Alameda, California

"This course was great, it was straight forward with common sense material that keeps you interested in learning. I will recommend this to all of my fellow law breaking drivers!"
Andrea B. - Los Angeles, California

Carlos M. - Stanislaus , California

"In the last section, the content referred to some material but was not available to review within that section. Excellent otherwise."
Mohammad Q. - Los Angeles, California

"Great site! Thanks!"
Jessica K. - Sacramento , California

Uriel C. - Alameda, California

"Great site and great material. I will definitely direct any of my friends if they ever put themselves in such a situation like mine!"
Adrian K. - Los Angeles, California

"Excellent Course!...would recommend in a heartbeat. Fast, convenient and full of information."
Miguel V. - San Diego , California

"Thank you!"
James C. - Los Angeles, California

"Great course!"
Jasper P. - San Diego , California

"Had no difficulties getting through! Thanks much!"
Marisol A. - Merced , California

"More images or videos of the various scenarios would be nice. This training was heavily text-based, which is good, but wears you out after a few hours looking at a screen. But great training overall."
Jesse C. - Lassen, California

"In reference to question 6, I do not remember seeing a name or license number, but I will not say that it was not provided."
Daryll V. - Butte , California

Hovanes M. - Los Angeles, California

"Very good I just expect that You send to courtesa and DMV the results"
Adolfo M. - San Bernardino , California

Raul S. - Los Angeles, California

"Took me several days to complete, but it was interesting and well worth while. Glad I picked your course."
Marc J. - Tulare , California

"Great Easy Course"
Frances C. - Alameda, California

"Thank you."
Joseph D. - Imperial, California

"It was a great website and simple I loved it. It was not even boring it was actually very interesting. I would recommend others to this Traffic School to take online. Thank you."
Arsine B. - Los Angeles, California

"thank you!"
Gregory M. - Ventura , California

"It an interest taking the course learned a lot."
Sergio M. - San Mateo, California

"it was good and easy to understand and was thorough."
Rudy H. - Los Angeles, California

"Thank you"
Vivian Z. - San Diego , California

"Excellent course. Took about 4 hours to complete. If you pay attention, it is possible to get 100% on all quizes and tests, I did. "
Richard Y. - Sacramento , California

"excellent online drivin course . thank you."
Fedelito R. - Los Angeles, California

"Good class. I liked that I could take the course over a few nights and not have to do it all at on time"
Walter I. - San Diego , California

"thank you "
Tara S. - Humboldt, California

"I'm glad I got this done & aware of new laws. "
Dion D. - El Dorado, California

Michael L. - Sacramento , California

Miguel M. - Contra Costa, California

"It was a joy to do this traffic school online!!! Enjoyed it plus learnt alot of things that I took granted for. Thank you so much for making it so simple to understand!"
Rozina B. - Alameda, California

"This web site was very easy to navigate through."
Steven P. - Santa Barbara , California

"Great Service as always! and price is a bargain!"
Laura L. - Riverside , California

"I would like to thank the Officer who gave me the ticket , because through it all it helped me to acknowledge my mistake learn from it , and to be more aware and safe not just for myself but those around me."
Harriet H. - Los Angeles, California

"This is the best online traffic school ever! thank you!"
Nathaniel M. - Los Angeles, California

"Signed up and completed entire course in under 20minutes. Done. "
Ly P. - Sacramento , California

"Thank you!"
Keith I. - Orange , California

"great course"
Barbara L. - Siskiyou , California

"Made learning fun"
Reza taji Z. - Los Angeles, California

"I've been driving for 58 years and got my first ticket. This was a great refresher course. I appreciate it. Thanks."
Sheryl L. - Los Angeles, California

"Easily to read the studies. "
Neorilyn eve T. - Contra Costa, California

Bernadine E. - Los Angeles, California

" Thank you very much it was very satisfactory to take this course and more satisfactory to see it completed"
Fabian J. - San Diego , California

"Very fun"
Andrew H. - San Joaquin , California

"Quick, easy, and painless! Thank you!"
Daniela B. - Sacramento , California

"Great site! Super intuitive layout."
Wesley B. - Orange , California

"Great traffic course! Made it fun and manageable! "
Juan C. - Orange , California

"Awesome! Quick and Easy loved it"
Lauren P. - Orange , California

"Well laid out and easy to read course. The tests at the end of each sections are very useful."
Monika E. - Santa Clara , California

"Great online traffic school- I have used before and highly recommend this to all..."
Matthias B. - San Francisco , California

"Thank You!"
Cesar L. - San Diego , California

"Good class"
John F. - Los Angeles, California

"Awesome website!!!!"
Alexander G. - San Bernardino , California

"This was an excellent course!"
Sharon T. - Los Angeles, California

"Your school was recommended and completed back in Decembere 23, 2009 and enjoyed the learning process. This test was much more complete with photos and descriptions, making it an excellent course. Thanks ! ! !"
William B. - Los Angeles, California