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See what our customers have to say about us. We only want you to know the truth, so we post all our comments. These are all real comments from our real students.

Maximillian R. - San Bernardino , California

"The course was easy to use and understand. I read the material, took the tests and was able to pass the exam with a 92% my first time through! Thanks for the assistance!!"
Andrew E. - Placer , California

"Very happy with the helped I received from in and out traffic school thanks !!!"
Angel R. - Los Angeles, California

"Great course, simple but informative!"
Jose M. - Los Angeles, California

"Fast and easy! "
Maricar D. - Los Angeles, California

"Thank you for clear, informative, and effective traffic school!"
Carrie B. - San Diego , California

Maria H. - Riverside , California

"Awesome online course! Thanks!"
Michele P. - Riverside , California

"Thank you "
Craig G. - Merced , California

"Pretty easy to understand "
Ulysses L. - Los Angeles, California

"nice experience"
Clemente S. - San Diego , California

"It was a good review, to refresh my knowledge, and I learned a few new things that I had already forgotten. Thank you!"
Yirlanny S. - Los Angeles, California

"The course was perfect; instructional with out being boring."
John M. - Los Angeles, California

"Easily understandable and relatively painless course. Thanks. "
Timothy D. - El Dorado, California

"This doesn't require much time at all, took me 20 minutes, thank you! "
Zechen C. - Orange , California

"A very good online traffic school."
Qionglin G. - Santa Clara , California

"This course is perfect instructed."
Marizol U. - San Diego , California

"This is a well deigned course. I did learn a few things I was not ware of."
Babu N. - San Mateo, California

"Great course. Very informative/ helpful. Good review of highway safety principles."
Kirk D. - Riverside , California

"Quick and EASY!!! Thanks"
Maria X. - Butte , California

"This online course was awesome I learned a lot. Thanks for making it available very educational."
Loretta T. - Sacramento , California

"Really Awesome course which is time efficient and entertaining!"
Nikhil S. - Alameda, California

"Great traffic! I'm learning a lots. I will recommend to my friends"
Yongchong C. - San Diego , California

"awesome course. extremely helpful. "
Jordan M. - Mendocino , California

Elizabeth W. - San Mateo, California

"I was very hesitant to even enroll so I enrolled last minuet. I do not test very well I get extreme test anxiety even if I can retest. I found this course very consistent with the language used and the test was quick and east and I DEFINITELY WILL RECOMMEND IT! Once I started the program my test anxiety disappeared. Thank you."
Veronica G. - Riverside , California

"Excellent course. Very straight forward and concise."
Tanner V. - Monterey, California

"Cool easy"
Scott R. - Yolo , California

Elaine B. - Sacramento , California

"All good."
Evan G. - San Francisco , California

"I enjoyed and learned a lot from this course. It had a personal feeling, with enough humor to keep all the information from being dull, and enough seriousness to underline the perils and deadly outcomes from impaired attention to operating a vehicle. I liked that it was broken down to sections that fit into peoples schedules and attention spans. My only disappointment is that I was not informed of my score on the final test. I can only assume (evaluation #5) that I didn't miss any questions. After all these hours, I would have liked to hear that I got 100% on the test, or 95%, etc. "
Susan M. - Sonoma, California

"I had a popup when registering online, and the person was ready to speak and spoke to me immediately. I was amazed actually; at how quick and immediate though I knew what to do, that there was a pop with someone ready to help as I enrolled. I did ask a few questions, but nothing really major. But great service/job!"
Jason B. - Los Angeles, California

"My user experience was impeccable!"
Bobby dalton R. - Sacramento , California

"Easy to take & well constructed. There are some sections that have syntax mistakes, so I would suggest a slow proofing of your course."
Stephen W. - Alameda, California

"inandout was great"
Kenneth T. - Los Angeles, California

"Great course, informative. "
Mariam E. - Alameda, California

"Very easy course for any aged driver and learned some new things about driving."
Nolan O. - Sacramento , California

"thank you for making traffic school so easy."
Fidel P. - San Joaquin , California

"Took a little while but I learned a lot and passed with flying colors!"
Stuart S. - Los Angeles, California

" "
Mary S. - Los Angeles, California

"Very good highly recommend"
Leslie L. - Riverside , California

"Highly recommend this course, informative and pain free. "
Florie M. - Riverside , California

"very "user-friendly" course providing valuable new and reinforced information"
Sidney S. - Riverside , California

"Pretty Quick and Easy... Says everything in the name..."
Daniel T. - Butte , California

"This was a good course. I liked it and was entertaining. I will recommend in any case one of my friends happen to have need of your service. "
Kelly G. - San Diego , California

"I'm satisfied"
Mark L. - Santa Barbara , California

"Great program thank you!"
Nicholas H. - San Diego , California

" If possible provide a Mobil friendly version to easily go through each section. Thank you."
Sonia Z. - Ventura , California

"Wonderful course!!!"
Pranav S. - Stanislaus , California

"good program"
Linda V. - Santa Barbara , California

"This online traffic school is easy to navigate and provides easy reading."
Leonard P. - San Francisco , California

"I will recommend the website to my friends & relatives."
Anthony S. - San Mateo, California

Kimberly S. - Sacramento , California

"Excellent. Thank you."
Carol S. - Sonoma, California

"Very efficient course and helpful. Would recommend to other drivers and would not mind coming back."
Marcos S. - San Bernardino , California

Gerardo O. - San Bernardino , California

"Perfect and easy driving school!! Also very educationg and eye opening, thanks!"
Kimberly M. - San Diego , California

Austin B. - San Luis Obispo , California

"Overall, I had a great experience and will definitely recommend this site to family and friends. "
Jennifer L. - Marin , California

"good school"
Deborah S. - Fresno, California

"Getting a 300 dollar ticket for making a left turn over double yellows is very extreme"
Robert C. - Orange , California

"This was a fun online traffic school. I will definitely tell others about this traffic school. "
Menua A. - Los Angeles, California

"easy to understand explanations and the the test was fair and straight forward. The test covered all topics evenly and the website was user friendly. The materials explained everything in a clear, concise, and easy to understand manner. "
Steve L. - Orange , California

"I really like it was easy and fast i was done in a couple hours. Thank you guys"
Carlos N. - Tulare , California

"It went well. THANK YOU!"
Gregory B. - Orange , California

"Thank you. I found this school to be comical, easy to understand and very informative. "
Geneva F. - Kern, California

"it seemed like a lot of readimg but it was helpful and easy to understand."
Carla E. - San Bernardino , California

"I just sent in the paperwork for my ticket. Please submit the results of this Traffic school in 5-7 days. Thanks,"
Douglas B. - Sutter, California

"easy. highly recommended. and learned much "
Sarah D. - Riverside , California

Robert C. - Los Angeles, California

"I did not call in but was helped online by an operator. I asked quite a few questions regarding price, expectations of the course, etc. The operator was very patient with my questions and very professional. It was from her response to my questions and the manner in which she responded that I decided to sign up for the course from your agency within minutes. This was also after researching other traffic schools. "
Felicia S. - Sacramento , California

"love this site i will recommend it to my friends "
Andy H. - San Mateo, California

"Thank you!"
Kennisha A. - San Diego , California

Nancy C. - Los Angeles, California

"Easy to make sure people pass. Love it. Have used this site before and friends and family have also. Thanks!"
Travis H. - Tulare , California

"Great Website.. I personally recommend everyone to take there driving school here!!"
Hilario U. - Contra Costa, California

"thank you I do not want to get my license suspended!"
Kyle D. - Humboldt, California

Jason L. - Orange , California

"im glad to have reviewd these info."
Shahrzad C. - Los Angeles, California

"Thank you, I learned some things I didn't know and doing this from home was so convenient."
Donna B. - San Joaquin , California

"Easy to use"
Andrew C. - Los Angeles, California

"Loved it"
Miguel V. - Los Angeles, California

"I highly recommend this online traffic course to people I know."
Efren A. - Santa Barbara , California

"Great course - good content. Great review for some or the more subtle traffic rules and regs..."
Stephen W. - Placer , California

"Great easy and fast"
Joseph S. - Orange , California

" i have no idea how i found you but i would recomand school i think lower prices but liked professioalizm of your we site. very easy to register. thx "
Irwin H. - Ventura , California

"having on line chat was very helpful-it answered specific questions & help me decide to use your site."
Patricia M. - Butte , California

Kristin H. - San Diego , California

Patricia D. - Kern, California

"Thank you."
Scott B. - Napa , California

"Brilliant. Seriously. Well written, informative. Totally recommend this for anyone - its just good info. of course I didn't want tot have to do this, but no regrets. So nice to find a worthy author of challenging material. Cheers!"
Evan B. - San Bernardino , California

"It was a good time"
Jaesang L. - Butte , California

"Taking this exam was stress free and the test was full of good information with any things I did not know, but now do. Thank you."
Judette W. - San Diego , California

"Items 5 through (and including7) I found on the webpage easily."
Judd K. - Imperial, California

"Very informative"
Jaymee M. - Alameda, California

"Loved it. Easy and very clear"
Frankie M. - Los Angeles, California

"Easy, quick; simply excellent."
Marcos C. - Madera , California

"The woman I spoke to was amazing she set me up and got me the anwsers I needed I would take this class again!!!! But let's hope not because I learned a lot "
Marcus B. - San Bernardino , California

"awesome and easy way to understand thank you"
Chelsey M. - Orange , California

Sherry H. - San Luis Obispo , California