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See what our customers have to say about us. We only want you to know the truth, so we post all our comments. These are all real comments from our real students.

"very user friendly!"
Edgar M. - Santa Cruz , California

"Courtney was very helpful. i had typed in the wrong DL #, my fault thank you again!"
Acelina M. - Santa Cruz , California

"great service and helpful in learning / refreshing driver education and materials."
William S. - San Bernardino , California

"Excellent Site"
Robert S. - Los Angeles, California

"I loved taking this course online. It was absolute so much more convenient and comfortable. Loved it! Loved it! I definitely recommend it!"
Ruth G. - San Diego , California

"I like this traffic school online. very good and to the point. I believe that it was a great way to refresh with motor vehicle law."
Michael M. - Los Angeles, California

Joshua S. - San Diego , California

"I will definately recommend this course to any one that is looking for a traffic school"
Arnold T. - Riverside , California

Norwin E. - Los Angeles, California

"This was a fun and great experience. Thank you"
Ariana A. - Los Angeles, California

Kit W. - San Mateo, California

Linh P. - Los Angeles, California

"Loved the Online Experience"
Guadalupe D. - Los Angeles, California

"Very informative & easy to understand..explained well."
Virginia E. - Los Angeles, California

"Very pleased with this course, hopefully won't need to use it again but if so I will definitely use In and Out again as well as refer others to you school."
Steven H. - San Bernardino , California

"Good Job. I apreciate your helps and wish the best luck for your business"
Bakhodur G. - Los Angeles, California

"i love you whoever is reading this you are awesome!"
Jacob M. - El Dorado, California

"I just want to thank you for all your help and professionalism, I will recommend your services to all people out there, you guys are awesome, thank you again, have a bless day. "
Juan L. - Orange , California

"Well written. You covered a lot of topics in a comfortable amount of time."
David P. - Santa Clara , California

"Material was very well organized. "
Patricia B. - Los Angeles, California

"Thank You!!! :)"
Sarah H. - Orange , California

"Very good course."
Creede U. - Riverside , California

"I was impress. I am glad that I was able to take advantage of this form of traffic school. I look forward to NOT having to ever have to this again. Which means, NO MORE TICKETS. "
Nicholas B. - Contra Costa, California

"I don't regret choosing (: "
Kaeli N. - Los Angeles, California

"Very good information and easy to use."
Trevor D. - San Diego , California

Kristin H. - San Diego , California

"This was an excellent course!! I highly recommend this traffic school to every single person! Very informative and straight forward!"
Christopher W. - Los Angeles, California

"I found this course very informative, easy to understand and quite relevant."
Harvey R. - Los Angeles, California

"thanks guys!!"
Adrian V. - Los Angeles, California

"It was a very good test,I learned a lot it kept me interested, when i lodged off and drove my car i practiced some of what i learned.I would recommend this school to family & friends. I think it will make me a better driver! "I ENJOYED IT". "
Eugene B. - Riverside , California

"i do not like taking test not very good at them but this was defanetly easy. it was actually fun and i learned some things as well. the live chat person is great too. thank you so very much. i hope i never have to do this again. not because it was hard but i dont want another ticket."
Tricia C. - Santa Barbara , California

"Course curriculum was divided in a very orderly fashion which I appreciated. Each section was simple to understand."
Concordio D. - Los Angeles, California

Cuong H. - Santa Clara , California

"Very good site!"
Weijian L. - Santa Cruz , California

"I signed up for the $32.90 package. Which is the next day delivery online I believe to the court and DMV. Where I'm supposed to get a confirmation that both Court and DMV have received and actually viewed my Certificate that I passed my Traffic School Final Exam before my deadline which is 5/28/15. I want to make sure I get some notification pryor to my Court deadline. I want to make sure that the package I wanted and needed is the - Once again; Next day electronically delivery. If the $32.90 is correct or I need to make any additional payments; Please let me know ASAP So I can take care of it. Thank You, Carlos Mendoza (323) 377-1947 "
Carlos M. - Los Angeles, California

"i love this thing. it helped me out lots...."
James S. - Solano , California

"very satisfactory course, a little long. To the point with straight forward explanations. I learned new information. "
Lynn S. - Los Angeles, California

Andrew C. - San Diego , California

"very easy and informing website"
Michael M. - San Diego , California

"It was a joy to do this traffic school online!!! Enjoyed it plus learnt alot of things that I took granted for. Thank you so much for making it so simple to understand!"
Rozina B. - Alameda, California

"Loved it!"
Ty W. - Los Angeles, California

"Extremely fast and easy, perfect option for procrastinators"
Joshua T. - Sacramento , California

"great school"
Suzanne W. - Riverside , California

"good website."
Genoveva J. - Los Angeles, California

"Quick and Easy traffic school!!"
Stephanie S. - Kern, California

"Easy to read and comprehend. Good course. "
Paul N. - Placer , California

"Thank you. Informative and helpful, not petty. Good class."
Sam H. - Los Angeles, California

"The fastest and easiest way to complete traffic school"
Martin R. - Los Angeles, California

Michael M. - Los Angeles, California

"Thanks it was easy"
Edna M. - San Joaquin , California

"Thank you!"
Michaelah O. - Tehama , California

"Awesome and quick!"
Jonathan S. - Orange , California

"this site rocks!"
Ronald N. - Butte , California

"Excellent course of education that was very valuable and informative"
Thomas G. - San Diego , California

"I'm so glad I picked this school. Very informative!!"
Lemasani F. - Contra Costa, California

"Good site !"
Gael R. - Orange , California

"good site and school. it worked another school i enrolled in the web site was not functional. they took my money. "
Steve R. - Los Angeles, California

"Very reasonable tests, it also refreshed my memory of the traffic laws."
Cau P. - Alameda, California

"I enjoyed the course and found it quite informative if not a tad wordy. I also recommend that you have someone edit it for english mistakes and misspellings."
Rita B. - Contra Costa, California

"Excellent service and program! Nice design too:)"
Teresa R. - Alameda, California

Roy N. - Alameda, California

"Great traffic school!"
Erika C. - Merced , California

"very easy to understand, thank you!"
Lauren H. - Orange , California

"one of the best sites I have used."
Jovanni C. - Ventura , California

Wesley R. - Riverside , California

"easy to follow. Had no problem starting up again if i had to log off. At first i was dreading the idea of traffic school but didn't take that long at all. Great site. Hopefully i won't have to use it again"
Matthew H. - El Dorado, California

"thank you"
Michael H. - Mendocino , California

"This helped me with my driving."
Penny D. - San Diego , California

"Great website/course!"
Alberto G. - Los Angeles, California

Ryan J. - Santa Cruz , California

"This was an excellent course!"
Sharon T. - Los Angeles, California

Nicole C. - Kings, California

Alejandro C. - Los Angeles, California

"Love your site!!"
Nicole C. - Santa Clara , California

"This is my second time to take this course in the period of more than 5 years still easy and if you call person on the other line knows to answer questions. Thanks again and have a godly day."
Jesus B. - Riverside , California

Omar M. - Los Angeles, California

"very good course"
Harmanbhavan K. - Santa Barbara , California

"Thanks this was a great course and experience, congratulations for make it easy. Orley"
Orley V. - Kern, California

"Sadly, the site went down for an hour or so. Stuff happens. "
Brian P. - San Diego , California

"This was a fast and easy test, I will recommend it to anyone I know may need to take this kind of test."
Amy M. - Kern, California

"Great revamp on driving rules and laws. Detailed information and updated law information. Thank you. "
Kamile K. - Los Angeles, California

"I did learn a lot from taking this course."
Rosa S. - Tehama , California

"very informative and easy to follow the test information"
Ma dejesus B. - Los Angeles, California

"Ive used this website before, and i rate it an A++"
Hector J. - Stanislaus , California

"The woman I spoke to was amazing she set me up and got me the anwsers I needed I would take this class again!!!! But let's hope not because I learned a lot "
Marcus B. - San Bernardino , California

Juana P. - Santa Cruz , California

"How do I have confirmation that I have completed this traffic school course? Please let me know that this has been submitted to the DMV."
Margaret W. - Los Angeles, California

"thank you! "
Hilda M. - Orange , California

"I liked the mini quizzes because I was able to learn better when reviewing each section. I enjoyed taking this course and I learned more about the rules of driving and the nuances of the laws."
Bahram K. - Butte , California

"Good use of sense of humor during course"
Anthony Z. - San Bernardino , California

"Thank you!"
Jennifer M. - Sonoma, California

"The course was very well written and conducted "
Aryan A. - Los Angeles, California

"Will come back if I happen to get another ticket. Tech support is amazing and the course is great!"
Ruvim S. - Yolo , California

"excellent course"
Jimmy hanh D. - Riverside , California

"Was really easy to understand and wasn't confusing like other websites would take it again and recommend friends "
Francisco D. - Madera , California

"Very easy access "
Benjamin P. - Santa Clara , California

"it was perfect very helpfull"
Luis M. - San Francisco , California

"It went well. THANK YOU!"
Gregory B. - Orange , California

"Great online class."
Ma lourdes R. - Alameda, California

"a little tricky on some questions as the questions werent on the previous study page but in the upcoming one, but overall efficient course"
Matthews D. - San Francisco , California