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See what our customers have to say about us. We only want you to know the truth, so we post all our comments. These are all real comments from our real students.

"great service answered all my questions. "
Dianne C. - San Bernardino , California

"I highly recommend this course for any person willing to invest in their driving skills. If you read the entire unit the information is there for the asking. I am very proud of myself, the course was so self explanatory that I didn't get one answer wrong during the entire course. Thank you InAndOut..... you ROCK!!! :-) 100%"
Ellen H. - Los Angeles, California

"Very informative course"
Winston P. - Orange , California

"awesome site!!!"
Nina S. - San Luis Obispo , California

"Your traffic school was easy to use and easy to understand as well. I appreciated how simple it was to get this done in 3 hours on my cell phone and that it's literally the day before the certificate is due, so having the option to have this sent electronically to the DMV ASAP is also very useful. I look forward to getting the email that my certificate was accepted by the court/DMV. Also wanted to add I did this entire course behind the wheel! But I'm an EMT and we didn't receive any calls so I wasn't actually driving at the time :) thank you"
Patrick D. - Orange , California

James M. - Tulare , California

"thanks, that was painless. "
Denise B. - San Diego , California

"Thank you. This was a very user friendly site and I enjoyed the class. You made it easy to learn. Nancy Merkley"
Nancy M. - Marin , California

"I would not have chosen your program if it wasn't for the easy automatic chat that popped when i signed on."
Mahonn G. - Santa Clara , California

"everything went smoothly"
Perla R. - Riverside , California

Leslie V. - San Bernardino , California

"Received a great refresher course"
Jeanette S. - Shasta , California

Nedji S. - Los Angeles, California

"great site"
Sherly S. - Riverside , California

"Great way of learning things that you may have forgotten. It's a refresher and helps enlighten when driving on the road. It reminds drivers of the dangers and responsibilities that come with driving; it really is a privilege that we take for granted."
Kevin E. - Riverside , California

"thank you"
Omar M. - Orange , California

"This course was a wonderful way for me to be able to refresh my knowledge on all of the rules and regulations around driving. "
Trisha P. - Ventura , California

"I am very impressed with the online school and was reminded of a lot of good information"
Paul B. - Tehama , California

"Excellent course, thanks"
Luz E. - Los Angeles, California

"Very nice people"
Dianne L. - Orange , California

"Made the required course easy to complete. "
Brittanie T. - Yolo , California

"Great Web Site!"
Jennifer F. - Solano , California

"good job"
Alfred M. - San Diego , California

"Great, informative course. Thank you."
Courtney L. - San Joaquin , California

"david was very helpful, i give this course 2 thumns up had a great experience fast and easy! thank you guys, "
Edward R. - Orange , California

"great course"
Thomas Y. - Los Angeles, California

"This is a great service! Glad I found you!"
Barbara D. - Riverside , California

"Very informative! Thank You for making this available!!"
Philip W. - Glenn, California

"very user friendly and easy to read intrtuctions"
Santiago H. - Los Angeles, California

"Was a very good course & easy as well as fun to take"
Charles R. - Butte , California

"this was a great traffic school. you learn while still being able to complete this in a small amount of time for the busy person, 2 thumbs up !!!!!"
Colin B. - Marin , California

"Easy to understand course content. "
Valerie S. - Sonoma, California

"Good course and everything well explained. Good information "
David P. - Los Angeles, California

"thank you ;0"
Bruce W. - Los Angeles, California

"Elizabeth R. helped me in the chat and was very courteous and helpful. The whole course was really convenient."
Danielle C. - Los Angeles, California

Jonathan B. - San Diego , California

"I would highly recommend your course! Thank you!"
Jenia T. - Los Angeles, California

"How do I have confirmation that I have completed this traffic school course? Please let me know that this has been submitted to the DMV."
Margaret W. - Los Angeles, California

"This was an amazing test. It refreshen's your memory"
Jairo R. - San Diego , California

"Thanks--that was the best traffic school experience yet for me! Hope it's the last one, too :)"
Steven L. - Santa Clara , California

"Loved the Online Experience"
Guadalupe D. - Los Angeles, California

Matt M. - Los Angeles, California

"Perfect Online Traffic School Ever!"
Cristian G. - San Diego , California

Stephen H. - San Joaquin , California

Edmund C. - Los Angeles, California

"Very satisfied with this course."
Sandra P. - Ventura , California

"Really good traffic school"
Juan P. - Los Angeles, California

"Thank you for help me, and I get a lot of information about Driving law that will help me in the future."
Marwa R. - San Diego , California

"Everything was great"
Christpher, B. - Los Angeles, California

"The fastest and easiest way to complete traffic school"
Martin R. - Los Angeles, California

"Great website!"
Maria E. - Ventura , California

"very well presented and good details very readable and understandable materials very happy and fully satisfied"
Naresh B. - Sacramento , California

"i loved this test was easy and could understand the question"
Hussien S. - Riverside , California

"The course was easy for me to understand and implement. Thank you."
Aurora N. - Riverside , California

"I noticed a few things that need to be proofread as they are incorrect as written."
Karen M. - Kern, California

"thank you for the easy way to do a traffic school"
Ricardo C. - Los Angeles, California

"Very Easy!"
Zachary J. - Sutter, California

"-This was a great online Traffic School website and program."
Joshua D. - Butte , California

"ez pz"
Kachik B. - Santa Barbara , California

"It was a very user friendly test. I liked the breakup of materials"
Christy K. - Riverside , California

"Thank you. I will drive safe..."
Jasmine C. - Kern, California

"This was an excellent course!! I highly recommend this traffic school to every single person! Very informative and straight forward!"
Christopher W. - Los Angeles, California

"Thanks for the excellent course material."
Srinivas R. - Alameda, California

"I loved this online traffic school its easy to understand and VERY helpful! First and last time taking it tho of course !! "
Madalyn P. - Sacramento , California

"Great class!"
Jackson M. - San Luis Obispo , California

" "
Bobak O. - Santa Clara , California

"great jobs guys with this website. made it very easy and simple to take it and pass my test."
Jose Z. - Orange , California

"This was easy and fun! "
Danica W. - Kern, California

"Very straightforward. I like the humor injected into the 'dumb' answers:)"
Laura L. - San Francisco , California

Christopher S. - Marin , California

Fazal sattar S. - Riverside , California

"The site was very educational and very enjoyable easy to guid thru easy to pass thank you"
Kenneth D. - Sacramento , California

"very easy to navigate"
Katherine O. - Contra Costa, California

"Well written, easily understood and finished in a little over 3 hours."
Daniel C. - Glenn, California

"Great experience."
Brian S. - Los Angeles, California

"Great customer service"
Abbas Y. - Orange , California

"I appreciate doing the test at my own pace. thank you very much. I really learned a lot."
Donna H. - San Bernardino , California

"A great experience."
Anthony B. - Contra Costa, California

"Talked with a live help chat person that was great! Answered a few questions, as I noticed the site changed a bit from the last time I had to use, he also gave a dollar off coupon code! Awesome! Glad I didn't have to take my test in to be proctored this time. Great Service! Thanks!"
Sean S. - San Diego , California

"very easy and fast. I like how there is no time limit and you can take your time."
Kevin M. - Orange , California

"Effective,concise course"
Kathleen J. - Placer , California

"I found this course very informative, easy to understand and quite relevant."
Harvey R. - Los Angeles, California

"great class"
Chris V. - San Bernardino , California

"I thought the material was interesting,informative and well written, serious with some added humor."
Catherine G. - Marin , California

"I learned a lot more with the new updated tests thank you"
Demetria V. - Riverside , California

"I'm sorry that I had to take the course (speeding ticket) but I welcomed the chance to brush up on safe driving. It took only three hours to complete the course and final test. I'd recommend the course."
James A. - Kings, California

"Good and fast courses for traffic school thank you very much"
Pedro C. - Los Angeles, California

"Awesome site!! I was hesitant about doing this on-line but your site was a breeze to complete. Thank you and I hope we don't have to meet again, I will be a better more cautious driver and keep these lessons in mind while driving now. Best regards, Tim Eggar"
Timothy E. - Sacramento , California

"How do I know that the DMV has received my final score and proof of my completing this course? Please advise."
Kelly L. - Orange , California

"I am satisfaide with the course. Tkank you."
Bella G. - Los Angeles, California

"Very well worded. Made the learning process very easy."
Kerry F. - San Diego , California

"This was a smooth traffic school test format."
Silvia B. - Riverside , California

"Good Job. I apreciate your helps and wish the best luck for your business"
Bakhodur G. - Los Angeles, California

Alexander W. - Riverside , California

"I was very pleased with the course. It was fun and challenging. I would recommend this course to anyone. Thank-you for making the course available and having this Traffic School."
Forrest F. - Riverside , California

Christopher H. - San Mateo, California

"Great course! My customer service rep (Courtney) was very helpful and professional. You online course was so user friendly and provided vast information that helped me. I did not need any other assistance due to the course study provided. Thank you. "
Kurt K. - San Bernardino , California

"This was a great course!"
Cheryl K. - Riverside , California

"The course was very informational and easy to get through."
Ian T. - Los Angeles, California

"Very easy and fun!"
Lucey R. - Butte , California