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See what our customers have to say about us. We only want you to know the truth, so we post all our comments. These are all real comments from our real students.

"I have taken several online traffic schools, (over my 30 years of driving!) and this was by far one of the best!"
Teresa S. - Los Angeles, California

"A very well written course. Just the right amount of humor to keep it interesting and not so tedious."
Dimitrios P. - San Bernardino , California

"once again a very satisfied customer"
Michael M. - Los Angeles, California

"Very easy to use and quick paced. Would use again if I needed to."
Mason G. - San Bernardino , California

"Great program, easy to navigate, very accessible."
Megan L. - Santa Barbara , California

"nice course very informative"
Jacqueline C. - Santa Clara , California

"My court date 8/30. Please make sure the traffic school completion get to them in time. Thanks Gary Cassel"
Gary C. - Riverside , California

"A little long but a really good refresher and informative course."
Ronie B. - Los Angeles, California

"I was not able to find my confirmation number. I do not know if this is complete if I do not have my confirmation of completion."
Maria T. - Kern, California

"Easy to access and complete."
Jill H. - Sacramento , California

"Excellent course :D"
Paulette W. - Los Angeles, California

"Excellent and very effective & efficient"
Chun Y. - San Diego , California

Kenneth R. - Nevada , California

"Best driving school experience! Thank you!"
Jasmine P. - San Bernardino , California

"Very helpful!"
Khrystyne I. - Sacramento , California

"Great Price, Quick, fast, easy, and too the point ! Highly recommended ! Thank you!"
Coyolxauhqui P. - Riverside , California

"i enjoyed the course"
Sandra Q. - San Bernardino , California

"Easy and Straight forward."
Daniel S. - Sacramento , California

"Very user friendly and I learned a few things"
Scott S. - Santa Cruz , California

"I appreciated this traffic school since it provided the flexibility I needed. It gave me a good refresher on the things that I occasionally forget while driving...most importantly that when you get behind the wheel, your only job is to drive safely-- everything else should be left for the time you are sitting at home or at work."
Thomas J. - Contra Costa, California

"If you can get the certificate in for me today you've really earned 10's all around. Thanks!"
Matthew S. - Ventura , California

"All true. Course is easy to take, you can go at your own pace, stop and resume whenever you want. Good refresher and I learned a few things that make me a better driver. Thank you."
Alain M. - Marin , California

"This course was very, very informative and interesting. I would highly recommend it to any of my friends that need traffic school."
Darlene W. - Kern, California

"I would highly recommend this school. It was interesting and pleasurable and I felt like I learned something and am grateful it popped up first on the CA DMV site."
Donna B. - Ventura , California

Anna kathrina A. - San Mateo, California

"I got through it well enough, so it's all god."
Spencer P. - Santa Cruz , California

"In and out just like name"
Amanjeet S. - Santa Clara , California

"easy to read and understand. "
Josephina Z. - Los Angeles, California

"great sight for test"
Edgar G. - Sacramento , California

"There is a serious problem with your programming of the use of the mouse. Call me, and I'll explain."
James V. - San Francisco , California

Wesley R. - Riverside , California

"Very easy course, funny in some parts, which is done intentionaly. Hope i never get a ticket again, but if i do i will come back here."
Walter P. - Los Angeles, California

"Thanks for getting me through this."
Ishraque S. - Los Angeles, California

"thank you"
Mung S. - Nevada , California

"thanks it was easy to understand the test questions!And i passed wth 100% "
Jose S. - Kings, California

"This program was wonderful"
Tynesha Z. - Sacramento , California

"Thank you."
Reiss B. - San Diego , California

"Thanks for making the test very understandable."
Alfonso L. - Tulare , California

"Great course, easy to use and understand"
Ashley P. - Sacramento , California

"This is my second time to take this course in the period of more than 5 years still easy and if you call person on the other line knows to answer questions. Thanks again and have a godly day."
Jesus B. - Riverside , California

"it is a good program."
Jinfa D. - San Mateo, California

"Excellant course material. You should not allow illegal responses on your security questions."
Manish P. - Orange , California

"enjoyed taking test online instead of class"
Lloyd C. - Madera , California

Robert M. - Butte , California

"Good course!"
Alejandra G. - Orange , California

"Thank you"
Will M. - Los Angeles, California

"Great course"
Dominick I. - Los Angeles, California

"thank you very much.. this in and out is very educational.. even for people with experience... thank you .. keep out the good work"
Derek Q. - Alameda, California

"thanks for filling out the survey questions for me, i appreciate that."
Nathan G. - San Diego , California

"informative and easy. Thanks"
James L. - Los Angeles, California

"thank you for making this easy."
Carol M. - Orange , California

"In the course material there is a reference to Colorado? In a couple of places, the same couple of sentences appear twice."
Jean pierre G. - Marin , California

"The course was easy to understand and the test after each course was very helpful."
Stephanie D. - San Diego , California

"Its fast and easy "
Jorge M. - Los Angeles, California

"excelent course"
Nohora aydee B. - Orange , California

Rosa J. - Los Angeles, California

"Text needs copyediting for spelling (e.g., "its" for "it's", "cite" for "site"), grammar, punctuation. Some parts could benefit from a mild rewrite, for clarity sake. The course content is an improvement over what I experienced 3 years ago here at!"
Arthur O. - Tulare , California

"I liked the flexibility of this course, including being permitted to log in and out which made it very convenient to complete the course it over several sessions along with choosing the sections (i.e. wasn't forced to go in order). The material was easy to understand and was drafted in a way that was easy to comprehend. Top notch."
Michelle F. - Los Angeles, California

"Love this program! Thank you so much!"
Erica S. - Orange , California

"Thanks it was very easy to complete!"
Ben H. - Santa Clara , California

"great website - I didn't realize I didn't answer 2 questions - I would have liked a warning before test was scored. Good thing I passed!"
Nancy M. - Los Angeles, California

"real easy,and quick traffic school."
Joshua G. - San Bernardino , California

"Fast, easy to understand instructions and if I ever find myself needing traffic school again (I hope not) I will use this website.333"
Timothy C. - Contra Costa, California

Todd T. - Santa Barbara , California

"Great way to get educated and be a good defensive driver. I will recommend this site to my friends."
Neli M. - San Mateo, California

"In And Out's Traffic School Course is easy-to-follow, incredibly thorough, and incredibly straightforward-I highly recommend it! Notably, Each lesson was sprinkled with clever humor that balanced well against the otherwise dry nature of the content within."
James G. - Alameda, California

"Thank you for providing me with a clear concise website with lots of great information."
Barbara H. - Ventura , California

"Very good course"
Irene F. - Ventura , California

"Well written text and WONDERFUL humor and interest in it. This makes a usually very unpleasant undertaking much more bearable. Thank you for making it interesting."
D l harrison H. - San Francisco , California

"GREAT Course and I really feel that I am a better driver because of it. Thank you very much."
Dennis S. - El Dorado, California

"Thank you!"
Kennisha A. - San Diego , California

"This is the Best Online Traffic School in the World, I love This School, Keep up the Good Work"
Moniqie W. - Kern, California

"Great online school, I will recommend it to my friends and family"
Ivan Z. - Tuolumne , California

Hovanes M. - Los Angeles, California

"Great Support from WEB >thanks "
Edvard G. - Los Angeles, California

"This was easy to understand and fast!"
Jennifer W. - Orange , California

Rafael T. - Los Angeles, California

"You are a great Traffic School! I truly will recommend you to friends and family."
Ruby L. - Marin , California

"I like the on line class very much. Thanks "
John C. - Santa Cruz , California

"I thought it was gonna be a lot harder than what it was actually enjoyed it and re-learned some things that I had forgotten"
Gregory Y. - Sacramento , California

"Very good information and easy to use."
Trevor D. - San Diego , California

"loved the course was new timer friendly. first time taking online or traffic school in general was super easy. "
David P. - San Bernardino , California

"thanks for everything"
James W. - Riverside , California

"I was a good school"
Andrew M. - San Joaquin , California

"Very nicely done traffic school. This is my second time using and I have referred everyone I know to this site. Very easy to follow and appreciate. Thank you!!"
Loretta N. - San Joaquin , California

"That test was not so difficult, it's very useful for all the drivers , Thank you , "
Fareedon O. - San Joaquin , California

"Actually useful to go through the material periodically, if only to being brought up-to-date and the changes in rules and regulations. The future with driverless vehicles promises to be fascinating..."
Oliver P. - Los Angeles, California

"very understable "
Christopher G. - Santa Clara , California

"Love the course 100% satisfied and highly recommended. "
Estella S. - San Diego , California

"Second time using. Still fast, cheap, and accessible!"
Dean S. - Santa Clara , California

Neil C. - San Bernardino , California

"Please email me confirmation of course completion. Thank you. "
Sarah C. - Orange , California

"I love this school."
Valeria D. - Los Angeles, California

"awesome program!!"
Benjamin P. - Los Angeles, California

"getting a traffic ticket was a very unpleasant experience but I do believe I am a better driver after taking this course"
Herman W. - Riverside , California

"it was nice and easy ;0"
Gina J. - Solano , California

"Had good time taking the test"
Taurino H. - Los Angeles, California

"Whoever wrote the guide actually made it interesting and engaging. They added humor which made reading it easy and fun at times. Thank you! "
Phoenix L. - Santa Barbara , California

"Awesome and quick!"
Jonathan S. - Orange , California

" Learned some valuable current info. "
Allen C. - Orange , California