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See what our customers have to say about us. We only want you to know the truth, so we post all our comments. These are all real comments from our real students.

"Had no difficulties getting through! Thanks much!"
Marisol A. - Merced , California

"highly recommended to everyone who has tickets."
Narledo V. - Tuolumne , California

"What's with asking SSN numbers and password protected questions? "
Jarnail S. - Alameda, California

"That wasn't too bad. Thanks. "
Miguel D. - Los Angeles, California

"It was good"
Thomas B. - San Diego , California

"Great course - I have recommended it to others."
John C. - Orange , California

Janice K. - Los Angeles, California

Larry T. - Tulare , California

"it was short and simple. Thank you!"
Elizabeth S. - Sacramento , California

"Excellent course study "
Nazmuddin M. - Santa Barbara , California

"Good course."
John H. - San Mateo, California

"I love your website, I always refer you website to friends and family. "
Marri S. - Placer , California

"The course was very informative and easy to follow. "
Rudy S. - Los Angeles, California

"This was an informative test."
Gloria N. - Fresno, California

"Great experience. Hadn't reviewed driving materials in a long time. Good refresher course."
Rose C. - Los Angeles, California

"I need to know when my results are sent to the proper authorities to guarantee that I have taken care of all I need to do. "
Sue W. - Los Angeles, California

"Informative & well put together."
Barrow G. - Los Angeles, California

"This program was clear and helpful to me. The registration was easy and the person who helped me was polite and helpful. Logging in and out was easy. There were no tricks or confusion when studying or taking the quizzes. I learned some vital information and tips for preventing collisions in the future. I would recommend this class to anyone."
Kathleen C. - Orange , California

Gerardo O. - San Bernardino , California

William B. - San Diego , California

"I was thrilled to be able to reach the office and get some basic questions answered. Not everything written is self explanatory. I was reassured to go ahead with the test. Good customer service made all the difference! Thank you!"
Wendy R. - Kern, California

Elizabeth J. - San Diego , California

Mushfik O. - Los Angeles, California

"It's affordable, & worth it!! "
Wesley B. - Stanislaus , California

"great test - very fair."
James W. - San Diego , California

"best one and always use this one"
Victor L. - Sacramento , California

"Good class. I liked that I could take the course over a few nights and not have to do it all at on time"
Walter I. - San Diego , California

"Good course!"
Michael B. - San Joaquin , California

"This course was great, it was straight forward with common sense material that keeps you interested in learning. I will recommend this to all of my fellow law breaking drivers!"
Andrea B. - Los Angeles, California

"AWESOME!... Learned SO much! Great updates on driving laws and a pleasant experience!"
John K. - Los Angeles, California

"Really loved that the Cert will be sent electronically - especially because it is due tomorrow!! Helpful and easy to use. Thanks "
Mark B. - San Diego , California

"I really enjoyed it a lot "
Armando B. - Imperial, California

"I loved it. "
Brenda C. - San Mateo, California

"The website was easy to use and it was very educational."
Ray L. - Los Angeles, California

"Getting a 300 dollar ticket for making a left turn over double yellows is very extreme"
Robert C. - Orange , California

"The reading was not hard to do. I would definitely recommend this school to family and friends."
Dorian F. - Riverside , California

"The only part I was not clear on was the district of my ticket. Not this sites fault. But I was still able to text with instructor and was given the direction I needed within seconds. I found there were things I did non know, new laws and all. Turned out it was a helpful way to spend my Saturday (yes I read very slowly). "
Claire H. - Kern, California

"great class"
Hannah B. - Los Angeles, California

"Awesome website for traffic.... A++++++"
Ezequiel M. - Tulare , California

"Fun time!"
Lucas N. - Marin , California

"Great test Thank you"
Daniel G. - Sutter, California

"thank you"
Christopher S. - Los Angeles, California

"Easy to understand course content. "
Valerie S. - Sonoma, California

"great course. I will register my son."
Michole M. - Los Angeles, California

"Excellent course"
Thomas Q. - Sacramento , California

"your staff were fantastic :-)"
Farzad H. - Los Angeles, California

"This class was really interesting, I learned some new things Thank you much."
Andres S. - Sacramento , California

"very easy and quick!"
Jason B. - Inyo, California

"The information was most helpful. The people friendly and helpful. The ability to work at my pace, logging in and out to fit my crazy schedule was terrific. Now I just need to see that this information gets to the proper places as I understood it would (misread the question I erred...) "
Sylvia S. - Orange , California

"I had to keep repeating questions after I answered the question correct several times and still said pending Im hoping it is not too late for the court to accept this since it is after midnight. I had problems with the computer and also had lost my paperwork after moving and called the court to find out it was due the same day thank you Karen Belfatto "
Karen B. - Santa Barbara , California

"I have used inandouttrafficshool for about 4 times now and I have recommended another 10. I highly recommend it thanks"
Alejandro C. - Kern, California

"I thought the class was excellent. Website super easy to use. A few glitches here and there. Example. I would pass a test but it wouldn't give me credit so I had to retake the exam. Annoying but whatever. Had a nice customer service guy jump in and help me."
Jack Y. - Los Angeles, California

"Great website/course!"
Alberto G. - Los Angeles, California

"This is the Best Online Traffic School in the World, I love This School, Keep up the Good Work"
Moniqie W. - Kern, California

"great, easy, and gets to the point!:)"
Susan L. - Ventura , California

"i actually did 100 percent i hit wrong letter on accident. i knew all answers."
Tracy C. - Los Angeles, California

"Thanks for a different outlook on driving. Thank you"
Kenneth P. - Sacramento , California

"very educational"
Ricardo C. - Riverside , California

"excellent course"
Cierra O. - Sacramento , California

"Very well put together simple, concise and to the point."
Salvador M. - Los Angeles, California

"Very simple and educational!"
Rizvi C. - Los Angeles, California

"Great easy and fast"
Joseph S. - Orange , California

"Easy to read and stay focused, with the exception of a couple of confusing typos like this: "Also, if you are turning right from a one-way street you may use any lane, if safe to do so." I believe it was meant to read: "Also, if you are turning right ONTO a one-way street you may use any lane, if safe to do so.""
Deborah R. - Marin , California

"Thank you!"
Paul T. - Butte , California

"hell ya, thanks guys"
Sascha G. - Los Angeles, California

"This course was smoother than I had expected. The materials were helpful reminders of current traffic laws and eye opening in term findings in study results. "
Glenn V. - Alameda, California

"I like the way you divided test into section with short tests at the end of each section. It was good to have the review at the end before the final test."
Irene R. - Stanislaus , California

"I believe Part IX (guess) repeated the information."
Robert U. - Kern, California

"Very informative and thorough."
Cheryl M. - San Joaquin , California

"Fast, easy and learned a lot! Thankyou! :)"
Corissa J. - Contra Costa, California

"Amazing, fast and easy"
Michael S. - Calavaras, California

"In regards to the one question that I answered incorrectly on the final. "The author states that backing up is always dangerous" is somewhat of a unfair question, because it is the "authors' opinion and not necessarily a fact. If the vehicle operator understands how to correctly operate and know when it is safe to operate a vehicle in reverse then the situation should not be deemed "always dangerous" , but something that can be learned to do safely and with caution. Vehicles have reverse for logical reasons, a competent operator should be able to use it safely..............I enjoyed your course materials. Thanks!"
Jeffrey C. - Los Angeles, California

Zachary V. - San Diego , California

"great course "
Robert C. - Alameda, California

"awesome program!!"
Benjamin P. - Los Angeles, California

"long and lengthy but I have to say I did learn. "
Judy H. - Fresno, California

"thank you now you will take care of those point out of my driving record and long live liberty happy jully 4"
Antonio L. - Alameda, California

"Need this this to be submitted to Sacramento County Court, not amador county I actually enjoyed this course. Thank you marty swart "
Martin S. - Sacramento , California

"Great on line course!!!"
Mark R. - Alameda, California

"This course is great, good review, broken up in segments to do over time, if needed. thanks so much!"
Raylene W. - Riverside , California

"A good refresher course and I actually enjoyed it!"
Khanh T. - Orange , California

"Good web site easy to understand"
William M. - Los Angeles, California

"Good course, well done"
Lanell W. - Shasta , California

"I had a popup when registering online, and the person was ready to speak and spoke to me immediately. I was amazed actually; at how quick and immediate though I knew what to do, that there was a pop with someone ready to help as I enrolled. I did ask a few questions, but nothing really major. But great service/job!"
Jason B. - Los Angeles, California

"Most of the subject matters are very helpful and notice the new dmv rules are very source full. Thanks "
Rudy M. - San Mateo, California

"This was a great course and site is user friendly. Thank you for providing a course for the busy and employed. "
Tracy U. - Sacramento , California

Rafael T. - Los Angeles, California

"Thank You"
Lee ann M. - San Joaquin , California

"This course was actually fun--and easy, but I did learn a lot of things."
Barbara W. - San Diego , California

"Super easy, great course!"
Matthew S. - Orange , California

"thank you"
Gagandeep K. - Contra Costa, California

"Thank you"
Alessandra B. - Yuba, California

"Well laid out and easy to read course. The tests at the end of each sections are very useful."
Monika E. - Santa Clara , California

Michael G. - Alameda, California

"This was a very informative course and the test questions were relevant. Thank you!"
Janna L. - Los Angeles, California

Wendy N. - Los Angeles, California

"You make this SO easy! Thank you."
Brian R. - Sacramento , California

"Great on line course! I would recommend this course to anyone needing to attend."
Anne H. - Santa Cruz , California

"Very good school with valuable information"
Jeanne R. - Los Angeles, California

"It was easy"
Evan A. - San Mateo, California