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See what our customers have to say about us. We only want you to know the truth, so we post all our comments. These are all real comments from our real students.

"Very good services, Thank you Bach Tran"
Bach T. - El Dorado, California

"Thanks it was easy"
Edna M. - San Joaquin , California

"regarding questions 5 and 6 I know the very nice lady said her name and the name of the school but, I honestly don't remember if she said a license number or occupational license number. So, I would error in her favor. I'm sure she did her job. Thank You for making this so easy. "
Celso L. - Stanislaus , California

Yeni G. - Orange , California

"knowledgable and easy to understand"
Ralph L. - Los Angeles, California

"The pricing was not completely clear, and therefore, to me, misleading. But the course was easy, fast and informative."
Tanya F. - Fresno, California

"This is a great service."
Khandaker H. - Los Angeles, California

"Easy to navigate. Liked he ease in stopping where I wanted to and being able to return to the practice tests at later time. Would use again."
Lisa S. - Butte , California

"Wonderful thanks"
Uziel V. - Los Angeles, California

"Some missed spelled words, but not critical. "
Philip S. - Los Angeles, California

"It’s a very good way to do my traffic school thank you "
Elsy P. - Los Angeles, California

"Thank you for the convenince"
Joseph S. - Los Angeles, California

"great site!!!!!!"
Clemilda P. - Los Angeles, California

"Excellent school, many thanks!"
Dmitri K. - Santa Clara , California

"awesome class you guys rock! thanks a million and look forward to your court submission for me"
Antonio C. - San Mateo, California

"I enjoyed your course. It was well thought out, well presented, and made the whole process easy to complete. I would definitely recommend this course to others."
Len W. - San Diego , California

"true to its name - thank you"
Barbara H. - Ventura , California

"good program"
Linda V. - Santa Barbara , California

"This was a well organized course. Straight to the point with a few funnies to make sure you're paying attention. I really enjoyed it and did learn some new things."
Anna H. - Kern, California

"The course enlighten me of some bad habits I develop through the years of my driving. I became more aware of all things I need to correct for those bad habits. I should pay attention more in my driving and the fellow drivers on the road, not to be speeding & be considerate to other drivers. Be attentive on the road and focus more on my surroundings when driving either in city or highway."
Roberto M. - Alameda, California

"Thank you so much.!!"
Lajahn S. - San Diego , California

Melissa B. - Santa Clara , California

"This was Great!! I learned a few things i didn't know!! You guys made this Fun, interesting, informative a fast!!"
James H. - Tuolumne , California

"satisfied customer"
Hector G. - Stanislaus , California

"Getting a 300 dollar ticket for making a left turn over double yellows is very extreme"
Robert C. - Orange , California

"Thanks,very informative!"
Denny R. - Tehama , California

"All is good"
Rudy F. - San Mateo, California

"great course i learned a lot :)"
Ashkan T. - Los Angeles, California

"Best sure thing I've ever done! Thank You guys. Thanks a million!"
Normajean F. - Sacramento , California

"earned a lot easy to understand"
Debbie K. - Riverside , California

"Nicely done. I would recommend this course."
Michael M. - Alameda, California

"very easy and simple to use "
Javier M. - San Bernardino , California

"Great traffic school, made it fast and easy."
Claire C. - Ventura , California

"thank you"
Michael M. - Butte , California

Fadi A. - Ventura , California

"The course was everything that was promised and I will recommend this company to my friends and anyone that need to take an online traffic course."
Ronnie E. - San Francisco , California

"Simple and easy"
Heidie B. - Sonoma, California

"This was incredibly helpful, easy to manage, and not too lengthy. I would definitely recommend this to a friend!"
Jessie H. - Los Angeles, California

"very intuitive/informational. greta fresher upper"
Mo T. - Orange , California

Ihar S. - Los Angeles, California

"That was quick and painless. Thank you!"
Veronica H. - San Bernardino , California

"The website and course were very easy to navigate."
Ryan D. - Orange , California

"great test - very fair."
James W. - San Diego , California

"Loved it!"
Ty W. - Los Angeles, California

"Course was comprehensive and so much less painful than classroom school."
Jack C. - Marin , California

"I'm glad went with u guys thanks"
Edgar C. - Los Angeles, California

"thank you for being clear."
Selia G. - Santa Cruz , California

Edgar B. - Los Angeles, California

"This course could use proof-reading and correcting of grammar and punctuation. It's not as professional as it should be without it."
Diane W. - Los Angeles, California

"This was an amazing test. It refreshen's your memory"
Jairo R. - San Diego , California

Thomas T. - Los Angeles, California

"Very easy and educational. Would definitely recommend."
Artur D. - Los Angeles, California

"Great online school."
Gissell M. - Orange , California

Rosa M. - Los Angeles, California

"Awesome online course! Thanks!"
Michele P. - Riverside , California

"This was the most user friendly course I have ever taken. It was amazing. "
Tanya R. - Merced , California

"I liked the course. Thank you. It was easy to use with my schedule."
Jennifer R. - Orange , California

"Great website"
Maria R. - Tehama , California

"Thank You!"
Cesar L. - San Diego , California

"Very easy to understand. A thorough course when it comes to learning about driving."
Mario B. - Sacramento , California

Hong L. - Orange , California

"Excellent Course!"
Jorge L. - San Joaquin , California

"Very good. Thank you."
Hao W. - San Mateo, California

"This is by far the best, fastest, and most affordable traffic school that I have ever done!"
Lee G. - Los Angeles, California

"I learned a lot! Great school!"
Carl S. - Los Angeles, California

"it was very fun to thake this traffic school"
Julietta Z. - Sacramento , California

"I think this wii be a helphful reminder in future driving."
Tlitha P. - Los Angeles, California

"Brad was very helpful."
Scott H. - San Diego , California

"amazing course "
Alexander R. - Orange , California

"As your site says, in and out :)"
Brian E. - Riverside , California

"This was a very convenient way to complete traffic school. "
Linda B. - Sacramento , California

"very helpful assistance"
Margaret Q. - Napa , California

"will recommend to others!!"
Ronald L. - Los Angeles, California

"Used you guys about 5 years ago and had perfect service so I'm using you again"
Jessie G. - San Diego , California

"good course , easy to follow, and has good information and guidance !"
Najib A. - Santa Barbara , California

"Great program!"
Eduardo G. - Los Angeles, California

"Fast easy to understand."
Veronica G. - San Francisco , California

"Very informative! Thank You for making this available!!"
Philip W. - Glenn, California

"Thank you for the info provide in this course. I find my myself feeling a bit more educated as I drive down the road now so thank you again"
John D. - Solano , California

"Very up to date information"
Sandra F. - Calaveras, California

"was awesome"
Robert J. - Butte , California

"I love the online training system keep up the good work"
Curtis W. - Los Angeles, California

"Very Educational and helpful! "
Susan G. - Solano , California

Shushma A. - Sutter, California

"I felt at ease with the course immediately, as a person readily welcomed me with a text. I am conditioned to get apprehensive at test taking time. I also calmed down as you provided several options that to me reduced the stress of making certain I submitted my results accurately. Thank you."
Kathryn P. - Solano , California

"Superb class !....was simple to do in a short period of time....highly recommend to my friends ."
Theodore A. - San Diego , California

"I found this course well organized and presented and very helpful."
Linda L. - Los Angeles, California

Cuong H. - Santa Clara , California

"Great course, I highly recommend!"
Brett N. - San Diego , California

"Very thorough."
Kristin G. - Riverside , California

"loved taking this course"
John B. - Los Angeles, California

"It is an outstanding course that helped me to understand my mistake. Keep it up. Thank You"
Yacob G. - San Diego , California

"I called and was able to get a call back within the hour and the woman I spoke to was very helpful. This website was very easy to access and all the tools were very helpful. Thank you for everything!"
Mauricio S. - Marin , California

"Great revamp on driving rules and laws. Detailed information and updated law information. Thank you. "
Kamile K. - Los Angeles, California

"Great course. It help me a lot because I have time for reading after 10:00 PM most of the time and rarely in the morning. It was fitted to my schedule perfectly."
Jorge R. - Los Angeles, California

"i love you <3"
David C. - San Diego , California

"Thank you for making this learning experience entertaining as well! "
Cecilia R. - Los Angeles, California

"A great way to go "
Peter S. - Marin , California

"This course was well done."
Sandra D. - Stanislaus , California

"Why was I made to take each exam twice?"
Marianne S. - San Diego , California